Your Guide to Going Vegetarian in Vietnam

Vegetarians will not have much problem when eating Vietnamese foods. Vietnamese foods can be easily changed into a vegetarian meal. Some Vietnamese restaurants really cater to the needs of vegetarians since there are a lot of vegetarian people around them. Vegetarians would appreciate dining in a Vietnamese restaurant since they will be able to get a sumptuous meal. Here is your guide for the best Vietnamese food in Singapore for vegetarians:

Use Keywords To Avoid Ingredients That Aren’t Vegetarian Friendly

For you to be able to avoid eating something that you aren’t supposed to, you have to makes sure that you know the terms they use. Most Vietnamese restaurants have staff that could speak English well and of course most of them speak your native tongue as well. The thing is, not everyone is aware of vegan terms. You have to know the terms to use so that they will understand what you’re asking for. Most people are familiar with Buddhist food, which are all vegetarian dishes. It would be easier for you to say you are looking for Buddhist food since they will understand that you are looking to eat a vegetarian dish.

If you are not sure if the dish is vegetarian then look for terms for fish sauce, cheese and others that are non-vegetarian ingredients. You will be able to tell of you can eat the food or not. You have to know the terms that you would require for your food. It is easier for you to describe what you want if you know the simple terms they use.

Request Specifically For A Vegetarian Vietnamese Meal

You ask for what you want and what you need to eat and it will be served to you. Vietnamese dishes are flexible to cater to the person’s diet needs. Pho is a popular noodle soup dish and many know that it is served with meat. However, Pho can also be made for vegetarians. The stock and the ingredients are all vegetarian friendly.

If you want to eat BanhMi, then you can request for a vegetarian BanhMi as well. They will be able to cater to your request since they can use other ingredients that will still taste delicious. Some people might be thinking that what makes the food delicious is the meat, but that is not true. Vegetarian Vietnamese dishes can be delicious even without the meat. That is how amazing the Vietnamese cuisine is.

You Have To Know What To Eat

It will be easy for you to request for your food if you know what things can be served vegetarian.  Though Vietnamese dishes can be easily turned into a vegetarian dish,this may not be possible for every dish. It’s important that you know which ones. Fresh and fried spring rolls can become vegetarian. The same with BanhMi and Pho. Vietnamese salads can also be vegetarian but make sure that you tell them you don’t want it tossed in Nuoc Cham.

Restaurants That Serve Vegetarian Vietnamese Dishes

You will be able to find a lot of restaurants that serve vegetarian Vietnamese dishes. All you have to do is to choose the best restaurant that serves the best Vietnamese food in Singapore. You should try the taste first before comparing the prices. You shouldn’t sacrifice your satisfaction with the food price.

Vietnamese vegetarian dishes are delicious, the same as the traditionally made Vietnamese dishes. You wouldn’t have to worry if you want to try vegetarian Vietnamese dishes since it is accessible in most Vietnamese restaurants. You also wouldn’t need to worry about your dessert since they serve desserts that don’t use any product gained from animals. To make sure that you don’t eat anything that is not right for you, then you should avoid getting your food on the streets. Though there are some food stalls that sell vegetarian foods, eating at a Vietnamese restaurant will ensure that you are served as per instruction that you have given the staff.

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